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hi im a fifteen years old girl who hasnt achived anything in life except for errors

sada nista nema smisla, sada u nicema nema snova, sada sve moje sigurnosti su izgublijene


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the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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Anonimo: hey anna i know you said this already but i dont find it anymore: how many journals do you have and what are they about?


I have 6 journals i think.
One is about my life and philosophy linked together. Second one is where i write/draw when Im in school or blazed lmao. Third one is for my book and to-do list. Fourth one is for my self identity. Fifth is for my meaning of life. Sixth is for the best moments in my life and I want to get another one x

mh pt 2

Dear feminists…


if you aren’t willing to accept the fact that some women don’t want to associate with your movement and then proceed to belittle and mock them from their choice or call them uneducated, please stop saying you believe women should be able make their own choices, because what you’re really saying is “I believe women should be able to make their own choices, as long as I agree with them”

cant even deal with them

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me: why am i so fat
me: *eats 17 bureks*
me: *eats 49 hurmasice*
me: *eats 30 porcija cevapa*
me: why

but my granny says i am glavita

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being jealous
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