Anonimo: What's your dream date?



To get a date




The full moon rising, main beach. This photo does no justice to the beauty that was. 14.7.14Mia

i adore this picture


yes hello id like to buy this painting!! its just so beautiful. ive fallen in love and i have to have it. how much is it??? wait. what do you mean thats a mirror

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Klapa Rišpet - Ne more vrime - Splitski festival 2014 (Official video) - YouTube


last night Klapa Rišpet live concert kind sad but kinda ok if you are a dalmatinka

Sei una tale merda


If you could go anywhere in the world right now would it be to a “where” or to a “who”?

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ive just discovered that Serbia (Srbija) and Serbian Republic (Republika Srpska) are two different things. That basically means that part of Bosna i Hercegovina is STILL SERBIAN and i cant believed that.
You fucking cant just SELF-PROCLAM a republic wherever the fuck there are…

i know that people have no choice and this is the worst part about this shit, im so fucked up…they cant tell that now everything is ok and just say ‘forget it’ because right now there are enough reasons making things worse…people’s mind never changes and thats the result.


i want to be the one you tell everything to at 4am when you can’t sleep

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